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*AAPs stands for Alignment Activation Protocols
which are the series of Vibrational Resonance Frequences
arranged like a musical score.
These energy optimization services are available to you
On-Demand, and as Mp3s and CDs.



We are conveting all Mp3s to On-Demand AAPs.
So come back and see what's new


$1.99 for 2 plays/day of 1 title.
$3.95 for 5 plays/day of up to 5 titles.
$70 for 100 plays/month of up to 100 titles.


APP Title On-Demand Mp3 or Subscription Description
Chakra Balancing Video Always Free

free audio only version
(you will not hear anything)
Optimizes, balances, centers and stabilizes your chakras, meridians, nadis, aura, and merkaba. It's great to use every day.
Emerging From Catastrophe Video Always Free

Free 15 minute Audio Only Version
(you will not hear anything)
Disaster Relief & Emerging from Catastrophe. Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Fire, and Other Disasters. Relief from Loss, Fear, Uncertainty, Exhaustion, Grief, and Adversity. If you are playing this for someone else just think to yourself "Please play this for __(name)____."
Smart Meter Shield NEW - 4 plays over 4 days $1.99

First month $1
Monthly subscription program that runs from my office, shields you 24/7 from the Radio Frequencies and Electro-Magnetic Frequencies of cel phones, smart meters, WIFI, cordless phones, baby monitors and other man made frequencies that are harmful to your physical body and wellbeing.
Abundance & Success
1. Raises the set point of your money blueprint, 2. Releases attachments that hold you back, 3. Creates congruency with being spiritual and rich, 4. Effortlessly willing to "do what it takes.", 5. Opens the pathways to your full potential, and more.
After Session Cleanup
For therapists/energy workers to thoroughly disconnect from client.
Anger, Bitterness, Resentment Resolution
Some of the biggest things that keep us from moving forward are anger, bitterness and resentment. And, not only do they keep us stuck they keep those we are angry, etc at stuck as well. I can hear you thinking "Well, having them stuck is fine with me, they deserve it!" Maybe they do, but, do you deserve to be stuck? NO! So leave anger, bitterness and resentment behind.
Attention, Focus, & Information Retention
Whether it's in school, on the job, while driving, etc. these optimizations help you maintain attention and focus as well as clear the blocks you have to retain the information that you would like to remember.
Attracting True Love
This AAP is like an energetic makeover for you, clearing your blocks and resistances to love, and getting you on the right path so you'll "bump" into love effortlessly…. trust that the timing will be perfect. To take the edge off while you are waiting for your love to show up, see My Harmonic Life Partner, below. It really helps single women when you are feeling stressed and edgy because your man is not in your life. For men, see For Men Only below.
Breakthrough Your Life Kryptonite/
Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene
For times when you are feeling weak, depressed, feeling held back from accomplishing anything, like when Superman encounters kryptonite.

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Breastfeeding Success
This is great even if you're not breastfeeding as it elevates the feeling good hormones.
Bounce Back
For fast recovery from physical ailments. Antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antitumor properties
Cancer & Tumor Clearing
This helps with the emotional challenges one may experience, the regeneration and rebuilding of normal cells and contains the vibrations for many known natural cancer killers
Clear Off World Diseases and Implants Some of our maladies are not from this planet. I can test to see if this is beneficial for you. Just send me an email and I'll check.
Concussion Recovery For accelerated recovery after incurring a concussion
Fabulous Body, Ideal Weight
Addresses all the underlying emotional issues and patterns affecting your weight as well as your body's physical processing of food, including Metabolic Syndrome issues.
Family and Holiday
For all the issues people experience before, during and after holidays - depression, overwhelm, tension between family members, etc. This AAP is also helpful throughout the year, anytime you are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do or have family relationship issues.
Feeling Unconditionally Loved Click for OnDemand
Feel loved and accepted just as you are
For Men Only: Virtual Blow Job
Creates sense of wellbeing. Diffuses Anger/Overdrive. This is not intended for sexual release. Women - for yourself run "My Harmonic Life Partner" below.
Gratitude Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Habits & Addictions Release Click for OnDemand For accelerated release from habits or addictions
Happy Talk Click for OnDemand
The more precisely we imagine those things we truly desire, the greater our likelyhood of receiving those thing we truly want.
Healthy Relationships Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Ideal Physical Vitality Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Life of Effortless Ease
For the feeling that your life is flowing easily and effortlessly
Marijuana Mellow
Gives you sweet calm feelings. You do not get high from this. You do not get the munchies. You may find things more humorous than usual.
Meditation Portal Click for OnDemand
An invitation to openness. This AAP for spiritual clarity amplifies your meditation experience by opening and optimizing your channels of intuitive understanding, and aligns you with 10th Dimension master guides.
Moldovite Gem Elixir Click for OnDemand Description coming soon
My Harmonic Life Partner Click for OnDemand You will feel much more calm and fulfilled after playing this. Men: see above "For Men Only: Virtual Blow Job".
OMG! I've Eaten Gluten/Dairy Click for OnDemand To quickly clear adverse reactions after eating gluten and/or dairy
Power of the Lotus Click for OnDemand
Clears stress, traumas, fear, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions.
Person to Product Harmonizing Click for OnDemand
Neutralizes fears, resistances and insensitivity so you or others will know, accept and desire what is for their highest good. Also great for estate sales to clear the energy of the homeowner from the products for sale.
Pilates Expert Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Radionics 14,000 Frequencies Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Release From Mind Control Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Rose Quartz Gem Elixir Click for OnDemand
Promotes self-fulfillment and peace, restores balance to the emotions. Physical: Helps the body to release muscular cramping, useful during one’s menstrual cycle, birthing and after strenuous exercise. Helps the body to absorb magnesium. Emotional: Brings calmness and clarity to the emotional state and assists one in trusting one’s own truth and decisions.
Ruby Gem Elixir Click for OnDemand
Preserves the body and improves general health. Stimulates the heart chakra and helps one to reach their most sought after goals. Physical: Strengthens tissues directly connected with the heart, treats the heart muscle. Helps to reduce fear and assist the body in flushing chemical toxins. Emotional: Creates balance in spiritual endeavors, brings about a state of stability and confidence and improves ones ability to deflect negativity.
Sleep Well Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Spinal Alignment Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Stress & Tension Relief Click for OnDemand
Description coming soon
Transform Your Relationship With Money
Description coming soon
Everything in life is based on transition. Your successes are almost entirely based on how well or how poorly you handle the transitions. This AAP aligns you to the process for ease and acceptance of the experience.

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